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National Perspective
Transportation in U.E.A is a congruous existence of tradition and contemporaneity. People in the U.A.E use numerous modes of transportation. There are people still using the traditional odes of transport as well, fore example, the abras and camels for getting across places, while on the other side there are the taxis and the metro. The quality and availability of transport infrastructure in the U.A.E play a part in the national economy and he development of the country.

After Dubai’s expo win, it caused them to fast-track infrastructure evaluation such as ramp up, logistic facilities and rail projects that are worth billions of dollars. The rail project that Dubai is currently working on is the Etihad Rail, which is one
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Although they are managed and controlled by government, lack of competitiveness may produce in overpriced costs and inefficiency. Railroad transport is additionally wrong and uneconomical for brief separations and little movement of products.

Personal Perspective
I think transport infrastructure is a very important factor in daily lives of people. It is because of transport and infrastructure that individuals get employed, good jobs, access to modern facilities etc. If transport infrastructure isn’t developed in a certain country, it will affect not only the local residence but also the business firms of that particular country. Due to transport infrastructure it is easy for firms to export and import their products to other countries.

Transport infrastructure not only affects the citizens and the business of a country it also encourages in a country resulting in more tourist expenditure getting into country. Since, tourism is labor intensive; it will provide jobs that can complement other livelihood options and through creating income throughout a complex supply chain of goods and services. Through employment regeneration, the wages are returned to the local economy and has a great multiplier effect s it spent over and over

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