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Describe the multiple causes of traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injury is caused by a trauma/impact to the head that usually takes places in car accidents, while playing sports or performing an activity, from falling or during an assault. TBI in babies are usually associated with abuse, while toddlers usually suffer TBI from falling. School aged children sustain injuries most frequently from bicycle accidents, while older peers injuries are related to sports or car accidents. Car accidents are the most common cause of TBI in adults and adolescents.
Provide a one paragraph (6-8 sentences) overview of the rehabilitation considerations for each of the following categories: motor impairments, sensory impairments, feeding disorders, communication and skills impairments, and cognitive impairments.
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Outcomes can vary based on the length of time that an individual spends in a coma. Areas that can be affected are fine motor skill, balancing skills, coordination, speed and strength. Medication and or surgery may be a possible solution or treatment for some impairments, such as tremor. Any deformation in bones may require orthopedic surgery. Injections are also recommended along with OT services when working with neuromuscular blockage.
Sensory impairments may be affected after a TBI, affecting hearing and/or vision. Injury to optic nerves, visual processing, or the the cranium affecting the eye movements are all types of visual impairments associated with TBI. This may lead to double vision, shaking eye movements, and lower vision perception. This type of trauma affecting vision can eventually lead to blindness. Hearing impairment caused by TBI is usually associated with injury to the middle or inner ear. Higher hearing frequencies are usually more affected by this type of trauma Individuals who suffered a TBI are recommended to perform a series of vision and hearing

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