Essay On Travel Information And Tourism

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Introduction Technology has been contributing to the growth of tourism industry because it provides travelers with higher accessibility to travel destinations and, at the same time, plays an important role in the development of locational factors facilitating tourism growth such as existing facilities, attractions, accessibility and climate etc. (Stipanuk, 1993). In addition, the soaring development of information technology has also provided people with new ways to perform travel activities and new travel experience, including the ways of searching information and sharing information and experience. As travelers are usually far away from the tourism product and service, they often need to search for travel information and tourism is then defined…show more content…
The travel experience begins in the pre-trip stage in which information search is a significantly important part of the travel decision-making process. Travelers generally have two types of methods to search for travel information. The first type is internal search which is the use of long-term memory to retrieve relevant information, while the second type is external search which traveler collect information from the external world when they do not have adequate internal information to solve the problem (Hawkins, Best, & Coney, 2011). Since travelers are usually far away from the travel destinations where they are not familiar with, external search becomes the major ways for them to gather travel information, especially when they have to make more detailed travel planning. To further divide the external information search, Okazaki and Hirose (2009) split it into marketing and non-marketing sources. They believed that the importance of external information sources will be higher when travelers move on to complete decision-making, such as planning vacation. In addition, Beatty and Smith (1987) found that the total information search effort would be lower if consumers have more knowledge about a
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