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Travel Tips: Arrival Guide for First-Time Travelers

According to Lao Tzu, “A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving”.
If we take it literally it sounds intuitive, exciting and adventurous. Unfortunately, a successful trip requires careful planning. If you are not organized enough, you might end up with a disastrous vacation. Traveling to one place within your country might be easy but planning an out-of-country trip needs serious preparation.
There are many travel tips that can be found online. Perhaps you have looked up travel safety tips and packing travel tips before finalizing your travel plan. However, have you read any arrival guide too? Your plan should not only include traveling tips on “what to see” and “where
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Arrive with at least 50% charge. It is important to have a device on hand in case you need to make a call or send an SMS.
• The ATM is still the cheapest option when getting money abroad. Make sure to withdraw at the airport ATM before going to your specific destination. Inform your bank beforehand that you are going to a foreign country.
• All airport has a system. Do not be overwhelmed by the language barrier. All airports direct incoming passengers through the same flow. All metros are very organized and sensible.
• Some countries can be very strict when it comes to bringing certain food products in. Make sure to throw out remaining snacks such as fruits and dried nuts. Member countries of the European Union may have stricter rules compared to the US. On the other hand, most countries in Asia have less stringent rules.
If you fail to do research prior to traveling, you can always ask a fellow passenger (probably your plane seatmate) or a local about directions, rates and the best transportations to take. However, there are a few setbacks in doing so. They may not have the most accurate or the best answer for your question or worse, they may take advantage of you. So better yet, start doing your homework now and list down everything that you need to know about your country of
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