Essay On Traveling With Family

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[TITLE] Traveling with family is a challenge. Parents only ever want to relax and get away from their work, older siblings become living representations of the theories behind hormones in adolescence and require no passion for anything ¨fun¨. Younger siblings work against these actions and easily, their voices are compatible to a newborn child. Whining. Dying for some productivity instead of being pent up in a hotel suite exploring the uninteresting cabinets and drawers hoping to find something different each time. The only consistent plans we make together are over dining. Perhaps these are reasons why families travel only about once or thrice a year, since the attempt to please everyone in itself is impossible. Working out a plan on site ends up in dry faces, unclean breath, and scuffed up clothes lying in the beds for hours on end. My family decided…show more content…
We traveled to Minneapolis to watch the Timberwolves play against the Oklahoma City Thunders. I barely paid attention, but the following day we decided to spend the it at the Mall of America. Quite the destination in my opinion. Earning the title as the Mall of America, of course, there were high expectations. However, my expectations weren't completely clear in my mind. How can a Mall be so great that it is given the hierarchy status for America as a whole? All I could imagine was high-tech navigation sites and random attractions all compressed into one large building. Which was in simplicity the whole concept of the place. Parking contained an array of newly painted yellow lines, and for a Saturday morning, with a slight chilled breeze, visitors and residents of the area we’re already parked and inside soaking up it’s intimidating size. From the outside, it looks completely like an average mall. Tan brick walls, motion sensored doors, and company logos planted on the outside of each
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