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The Philippines has a lot to offer in terms of it its rich biodiversity. Forests are abundant in every region in the country. Trees are the major flora that make up the garden for nature sight seeing. Tree parks are now being distinguished as a new trend for tourist attraction. In fact, a cherry blossom park is soon to flourish in the highlands of Atok, Benguet. Puerto Princesa City is also planning on planting their so called “Palawan cherry blossoms”, imitating Japan’s sakura gardens. These plans on tree parks have good intentions for it envisions the beauty of natural sights and forest recreation. However, the above mentioned species to be used for tree parks threaten our own native trees. The aesthetics of endemic trees should be preferred over introduced exotic species for creation of tree parks in the Philippines due to its suitability for the local environment and its potential value for tourism.
The preference for exotic species of trees is more favored for plantation in the Philippines. Native trees are often mistook as the commonly seen trees that surround a local area. But not all of these are originated from the Philippines, thus a lot of known trees to Filipinos are introduced species to the country. The sole
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As reported by Krauss and Curtis (1977), one of the major factors in establishing recreation parks are the sentiments of the people. Public relations can answer the concerns of internal management in recreations areas. It states what are the needs and wants of the people in terms of their leisure. Also, this is the only way for information dissemination to the public about the offerings of the park. Achieving good public relations can bring persuasion in the attitudes and views of the locality regarding the foundation of a certain recreational area. This can ensure the good will and support from the people in order for the park to definitely serve its

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