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CHAPTER-I Introduction and Design of the Study 1.1. Introduction India is a developing country. The development is unfinished until and unless it embraces the aboriginal population. The indigenous inhabitants of our country are commonly entitled as tribes. As the name implies they are ‘Adivasis’ or the original inhabitants of the country and distributed almost every state of the country. Over the centuries they have been following a symbiotic life with the forest. References of such tribal groups are found even in ancient literature like Ramayana and Mahabharata. D.N. Majumdar describes the tribe is “a collection of families or common group bearing a common name, the members of which occupy the same territory, speak the same language…show more content…
Here the most useful general condition is that of “level” (Wilson & Wilson 1945). If possible, tribal societies are small in size, are controlled in the spatial and of time range of their social, legal and political relations, and possess a principles, religion, and world view of corresponding dimensions. Normally, too, tribal languages are unwritten, and hence, the extent of communication, both in time and space is inevitably narrow. At the same time, tribal societies exhibit a significant economy of design and have a compactness and self-support lacking in modern society. This is achieved by the close, and sometimes unilateral, connections that exist between tribal institutions or principles of social organization, and by the concentration of a multiplicity of social roles in the same social persons or offices. There is a corresponding unity and coherence in tribal values that are intimately related to social institutions and are endowed with an intensity characteristic of all “closed” systems of thought. Tribal societies are supremely

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