Essay On Tribal Women Empowerment

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Empowerment of women is a major social phenomenon which requires an understanding of its multi-dimensional influence including our family structures and units. Education, health, skill building, credit facilities, family decision making, property rights and legal rights all are come under the empowerment of women. This paper analysis to the tribal women is empowering many sectors i.e. socially, economically and politically. In now a day major attributes that contributes to women empowerment are education, social equality and status improved health, economic or financial stability and political participation. Women are empowering in agricultural fields, science and technology, they empowering included development of technology kits and media…show more content…
urban and rural), educational status, social status (e.g. caste and class), and age. Policies on women’s empowerment exist at the national, state and local (Panchayatiraj) levels in many sectors, including health, education, economic opportunities, gender-based violence, and political participation. Women in a tribal society play a vital role in their social, cultural, economic and religious ways of life and are considered as an economic asset in their society. But they are still lagging far behind in the different walks of life like education, employment, good health and economic empowerment etc. The tribal women being economically poor and socially backward live at a low level of scale of the quality life. Thus the tribal women often face the problems of food insecurity, malnutrition, lack of access to health care services and education and the victim of domestic violence and rape. Unlike the well organised modern communities, the tribal communities and tribal women lag far behind in social networking. This is the nature and dimension of socio-economic disempowerment problem among the tribal women in

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