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A triceps tendon rupture is a complete tear (rupture) of the triceps tendon, which is located behind the elbow. A tendon is the place on a muscle where it attaches to a bone. The triceps tendon attaches the triceps muscle, on the back of the upper arm, to a bone in the elbow (ulna). The triceps muscle helps to bend and straighten the elbow . A rupture can interfere with your ability to do both of these movements. This condition is usually caused by an injury to the upper arm.
A triceps tendon rupture is usually treated with surgery, and recover may take 6–9 months. You will not be able to participate in contact sports until you recover.

A triceps tendon rupture happens when the tendon is exposed to too much force. This excess force may be caused by:
• A sudden
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You may have tests, including X-rays or MRIs. Your health care provider may test your range of motion by asking you to do arm movements.

This condition is treated with surgery to repair (reconstruct) the tendon by sewing it together. If necessary, the tendon will be reattached to the ulna. After surgery, your elbow may be kept in place for a period of time (immobilization). This may be done by wearing a cast or a brace.
Treatment also involves resting and icing the injured area, and doing physical therapy exercises. Depending on the severity of your condition, treatment may also include over-the-counter or prescription medicines that help to relieve pain and inflammation.

If You Have a Cast:
• Do not stick anything inside the cast to scratch your skin. Doing that increases your risk of infection.
• Check the skin around the cast every day. Report any concerns to your health care provider. You may put lotion on dry skin around the edges of the cast. Do not apply lotion to the skin underneath the cast.
• Do not let your cast get wet if it is not

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