Trinidad And Tobago's Carnival

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Theme Traditional Dances in the Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival. by Gregor Breedy My research focuses on the traditional dances within the Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival festival with special emphasis on the limbo dance commencing with its origins, practices, development, portrayal, preservation and contributors. Introductory Paragraph Trinidad and Tobago is a unitary, twin island state where Tobago whose capital is Scarborough is separated 21 miles from Trinidad via the Caribbean Sea and Trinidad whose capital is Port of Spain is separated 7 miles by the straits of the Gulf of Paria from Venezuela. Trinidad and Tobago possesses a population of about 1.3 million inhabitants and reflects a multicultural society resulting from a history of conquest…show more content…
Democratic elections for the 41 members of the House of Representatives must be held at least every five years and laws are based upon the common laws of England. Trinidad and Tobago can boast of a well-educated society as well as a stable democratic political climate. Thanks to its large reserves of oil and gas Trinidad and Tobago is one of the wealthiest countries in the Caribbean. Its Tourism Industry is one in which the season primarily revolves around its world renowned carnival which takes place on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. (Fitzwilliam Stone 2015) What is Carnival? Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival is said to be one of the greatest street festivals in the world. Carnival is a cultural phenomenon which is a climax of a yearlong accumulation of creative energy and excitement. It involves dance both spontaneous and choreographed, design and production of costumes at mas camps, carnival band launchings, the creation of literary musical devices known as calypso and soca, carnival parties or fetes, and the production of some of the most creative arrangements played on the only musical instrument of the 20th century the Steel pan. How Carnival was introduced to Trinidad…show more content…
Carr considering that this book was one of the few where the author explicitly depicted the true essence of our traditional carnival characters, their movements with detailed illustrations and bore testimony to the fact that these characters and their dances are slowly diminishing from our carnival

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