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Tropical Rain Forest
Generally, the tropical rain forests are mostly characterized by a high tree species diversity, even though large differences are present in between regions (ter Steege, 2000). The structure and species diversity of the tropical rainforest makes it the most complex ecosystem. The Tropical rainforests is made up of the evergreen broadleaved trees which flourish in the humidity of the low altitudes between 100 north and 100 south of the equator and high temperature (Park 1992). Earlier statistics indicates that the despite its coverage of merely 6% of Earth's land surface, tropical rainforests harbour approximately half of all the world's animal and plant species (National Research Council 1992). In terms of locations, most tropical rainforest are found in the Southeast Asia, Central and Western Africa and Central and South America. The tropical rainforests of Central and West Africa harbour 18 percent of the total world, Southeast Asia harbours 25 percent and Latin America harbours 56 percent (Whitmore 1998).
In Africa, the Congo basin is the habitat of the large mass of rainforest from where it continues westwards into Gabon and Cameroon (Richards, 1996). From Gabon and Cameroon the follows a narrow belt
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The Atewa forest covers almost 75% of upland evergreen forests in Ghana (McCullough et al. 2007). Apart from the highly degraded Tano Offin Forest Reserves, the Atewa Forest Reserves is the only upland evergreen forest reserve in Ghana which is a repository of forests, biodiversity wildlife and water (Abu-Juam et al. 2003). Atewa holds abundant widespread and rare species, owing to its unique floristic Upland Evergreen forest composition created by the misty conditions on top of the plateaus which favour usual flora (Swaine and Hall

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