Deforestation Of Rainforests Essay

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Research shows why deforestation of rainforests happen around the world and why should we care. Introduction During this modernization era, more and more rainforests are actually disappearing from the surface of the Earth very quickly without us realizing it. Rainforests are said to be covering almost one third of the Earth’s surface providing lots of environmental benefits such as the prevention of climate change, soil conservation, preservation of biodiversity and the hydrologic cycle (Chakravarty.S et al, 2012). Rainforests are also an important source of oxygen and homes to people and also animals. People also rely on rainforests to provide them with fresh water, food, shelter, clothing and traditional medicine (World Wildlife Foundation,…show more content…
Commercial logging will affect the climate through the release of carbon from the vehicles and machines used to bring down trees. Fire used to clear lands releases carbon from the combustion process. Fire in the rainforest will generate a huge amount of carbon dioxide and huge volume of smoke causing the temperature to increase and expose humans to polluted smoke such as haze (Gorte.RW, 2010). This shows that carbon is released from every single process in the deforestation phase. As a conclusion, deforestation does indeed cause the temperature of the Earth to rise due to the heat from the burning and also carbon dioxide which will increase the greenhouse gases rapidly. Soil impact The impact of deforestation on the soil to release soil carbon depends on the level of soil disturbance and the type of soil. The carbon content of a soil depends on the vegetation that decompose and release carbon which will then be absorbed by the soil. Deforestation opens up the land to be exposed to the sun which will increase the temperature of the soil which will eventually increase the rate of carbon oxidation. Soil carbon is also released if soils are disturbed from the vehicles carrying out the operations of deforestation (Gorte.RW, 2010). Habitat

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