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Truancy and absenteeism is not something that happens just occasionally but this problem has been a common problem in schools throughout the world.
Firstly let’s take a look at the definition of absenteeism and truancy. Absenteeism can occur in many forms, absent from particular lessons, absent from school with parental consent and psychologically absent in school this is just to name a few. Stoll (1990) defined truancy as being ‘absent from school for no legitimate reason’. Truancy can occur when the student is either not present at school or even not present during certain subjects or hiding in the school premise.
Many causes can result in absenteeism and truancy we will take a deeper look into some of these causes and see how truancy
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Today we will look at how truancy and absenteeism has dramatic effects on the individual, peers, teachers and school. Students who truanted and are absent for long periods or even short times tend to be affected the most because of the lack of attendance. One of the most evident effects is academic underachievement, because of the student not attending lessons and missing during lesson, student break the continuity of learning and will find it difficult to get on the same page as their peers. The curriculum is tight and missing out on a day of school can lead to students tend fail to catch an important topic that will appear in examinations. Students can also have a loss of confidence and lack of self-esteem due to being unable to cope in the same pace as the others in the class. The lack of self-esteem can lead to lack of performance when these individuals enter into the working world. These students who want to be loved and crave attention might then engage in premature sexual activity because they can perform in the school setting. The truancy and absenteeism will also impaired their socialization when in the workforce because they have not had enough socialization in the school setting which prepares them when they become part of a team or

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