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Possible injuries for Truck drivers as well as possible risk factors.
In the truck driving industry, risks include musculoskeletal disorders of the neck, back, and upper extremities. Due to loading and offloading they have risks of falls from elevation as well as fall on the same level. These injuries also can be due to being struck by or against objects. Vehicle-related injuries may occur where they lose control of the vehicle or collide with another car(accident).Commercial truck drivers are an integral part of the African economy. Without truckers, few of us would be able to enjoy the access to the wide variety of groceries and consumer goods that we currently take for granted. Truck drivers regularly make a number of sacrifices in order to keep our economy moving. It is not rare for truckers to spend days at a time away from their friends and family. In addition, the nature of their job regularly subjects them to the risk of serious injury.
If you work in the trucking industry, it is important to be aware of the hazards you face and ways counteract them and stay safe on the job. Generally speaking, the biggest risks fall into three categories: traffic accidents, loading and unloading injuries and repetitive stress injuries.
Traffic accidents
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Not only are the long hours of sitting hard on truck drivers’ backs, but so are all their other tasks. It is easy to overlook the heavy toll that securing loads, stacking hand trucks, or handling freight can have on the body. In fact, truck driving is always at or near the top of OSHA’s list of professions for lost work due to injury. In this case study we have gone through the various types of possible risk and injuries as well as ways to prevent injuries from occurring. The ergonomics of truck drivers has been applied and we know how truck drivers can work

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