Essay On Trueblood

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Trueblood receives money from the white community because the horrific story he tells shocks them and makes them feel like they could have prevented it or can make this crime go away by providing Trueblood with money. In the chapter as well, Trueblood says that they wanted him and his family to move away and that is because if they were to leave, the whole insistent could be swept under the rug but the more of the white community he tells, the more they feel the need to give him money in attempt to hide Truebloods actions. He does not receive as much help from his own community because his actions are shameful to them and they find his behavior to make the community, that they work so hard to maintain and try just as hard to assimilate with…show more content…
Chapter Four 16.Why does the narrator hate Trueblood and the people at The Golden Day? The people at the Golden Day and Trueblood are an example for what white people view black people to behave like. The crazy, violent behavior at the Golden Day and the act of incest by Trueblood are actions expected from black people because whites view them as having similar characteristics of animals. However, the narrator is attempting to fight those animal like characteristics given to black people and show that he is not like the rest. By them displaying that type of action it pulls him back into the behavior and stereotype he is trying to get out of and he 's angered by that. 17.What is the effect of comparing the campus building to an “old plantation manor house?” When comparing the campus building to an “old plantation manor house" it makes it seems as though despite there is now a college specifically for black people and that the are able to become educated and take on roles more similar to whites that everything is almost equal however, the comparison highlights the fact that whites are still in control. Just as they were in control when blacks were ordered around as slaves by plantation owners, they are now ordered around by the powerful white men that fund and oversee their college; there isn 't really any change that took place, it 's just masked by the pretty landscape of the college
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