Essay On Tryout

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Have you ever wanted to participate in a sport, but you failed at a tryout? This paper talks about why we should no longer have tryouts for kid’s sports. This is a complicated issue because there are many sides to it, for example, some people may think that it tryouts teach kids to fail. This argument is misleading because if kids fail at a tryout, they may think that they are useless in the sport and they may give up sports altogether. The actual question to be decided is, should there be tryouts and why. Tryouts can be problematic because the coach would choose someone who is taller and older to play, it could stop a kids participation in a sport, and coaches would rather choose favorites from a past season of coaching. To start…show more content…
So after the tryouts when the kids find out they didn’t make the team they may feel discouraged and quit sports altogether. “Coaches are more likely to take experienced players than walk-ons,” says Bill Pennington, a writer from the New York Times. This means, if experienced players, who had played on the team before come to tryouts they would be chosen over a new player. In the coach’s opinion, it is better to pick a team of experienced players rather than new kids who would like a spot on the team. “...tryouts are not setting good examples by allowing kids to believe others are better and that they’re not good enough,” says Alyssa C. a journalist for the BlueTimes. This means that a kid who fails tryouts may think that all the other kids are better players. This leaves the child feeling very down-graded. This could lead to kids not participating in sports at all. ¨When children make the team, their self-confidence increases, but for those who get cut, their self-worth may decrease¨ says Alyssa. This shows that kids who make the team would feel very proud of themselves, but kids who get cut, they may feel neglected and possibly never play sports
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