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Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt is a great book. It is filled with everything you love about a book such as drama, comedy, romance, action, mystery, sorrow and after your done reading the book your left with a lot of questions some I’m going to answer today. The Ending of the Book I didn’t like the ending of the book because I thought that Winnie should have drank from the spring when she was seventeen and married Jesse. I also thought the book should have been longer because I wanted to know what happened to the Tucks after they helped Mae escape jail and what happened to Winnie after she chose not drink the water from the bottle Jesse gave her. The ending of the book was sad when Winnie died and Tuck went to her grave and saw her. The Tucks’ Differences …show more content…

They never were and never will be welcomed just because of their immortality and if you say your immortal people will laugh at you, be scared of you, or even try to kill you. I also thought the Tucks didn’t like their differences because nobody ever visits them, not even Mr. Foster who knew everybody didn’t know the Tucks. Did Winnie Spill the Secret? I know that Winnie promised the Tucks that she would never tell anybody about the secret but I think she did. She probably told her husband and children the secret because maybe she trusted them enough to tell them. I think that Winnie couldn’t keep the secret in any longer because just like the Tucks were relieved to tell somebody the secret she probably felt the same way. I have had a really fun time reading the book and answering all the questions. I hope that more books like this will come out so I can read them and have the same fun I had reading Tuck

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