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Turkey hunting is a sport involving the pursuit of the elusive wild turkey, there are two species of turkey pursued; the wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) and the ocellated turkey (Meleagris oscillate), the wild turkey is hunted either in the spring or fall. Spring hunts target gobblers (male turkeys) and fall hunts usually target either sex. Spring hunting coincides with the wild turkey mating season, where gobblers can be called into gun range with calls that mimic the sounds of a hen. Fall seasons occur when turkeys are in flocks, and the typical fall hunt strategy is to "bust up" or "scatter" a flock of turkeys, and then use turkey calls to bring the game back
Turkey hunters usually wear full camouflage,
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If the majority of hunters use a crow call use something different, like an owl hooter, pleated woodpecker.

Use a boat
If you have a boat, use it to drift silently along a river and call. If you get a response park the boat and get him. Turkeys never expect "danger" coming from the waterway and that makes them vulnerable to a silent hunter in a boat.

Patience Pays
Pressured birds rarely race to the call and commonly come in without making noise. Leave your watch at home, sit tight, and give them time to ease their way to you.

Take the Shot
Know exactly what your turkey gun is capable of, and take the first reasonable shooting opportunity a gobbler pre­sents. Don't wait for a better chance. On public land, you may not get one

Public land hunters need to know where the birds roost, feed, strut and travel, and, most importantly, how they react to hunting pressure, Successful public land hunters have to work harder and smarter. Remember calling soft is seductive. Gobblers have excellent hearing and are able to hear even light calling at long distances.
Hunting turkeys on public land will be full of fun if you carefully follow the above steps. Turkey hunting is not about making a show but taking the turkey

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