Essay On Tuskegee Experiment

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Tuskegee experiment which is one of the most infamous act by Doctors and the United States Public Health instills syphilis to group of African American men in Macon Alabama. 201 men did not have the syphilis, while 198 African American men had the disease. The men did not receive an informed consent about the study nor did the doctors disclose the test subjects what the study was pertaining to. The study was basically giving African Americans males syphilis in order deduce what the disease would do to them in a long period of time. This is part of American history because it has created the African Americans to mistrust the government and health care professionals. The men had a right to be acknowledge they had syphilis and the government and Doctors had a responsibility to let them comprehend what they were doing. Moreover,…show more content…
This incident changed the laws in medical practices, which in eventually affected pharmacy practices. It created the Belmont report ethical principles and guidelines for the protection of human subjects of research in 1979 which protected the right of the individuals who are doing any form of research. The government passed the National Research Act which created a commission to write regulations governing human test subjects. The Tuskegee experiment is significant to pharmacist as well as the history of America because patients trust on healthcare professional shifted from Doctors to Pharmacist. African Americans qualm Doctors; they also question the motives of Doctors. This is more reason why pharmacist has been the most trusted professionals in the United States. Pharmacists do not benefit from patients when we give recommendations on over the counter medicines. We are the drug experts and we are very accessible; we are responsible for African Americans to recoup our trust as health care
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