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There are many different bands in the world of music. When picking a favorite you take into account the sound the band produces or what genre it is, the message from the lyrics, and the band members. Many bands will fill one or two of these elements to your liking but never fill all three fully except for the band Twenty One Pilots. Twenty One Pilots is the best band because the sound is so unique, their lyrics have an incredible message, and the members are extremely kind.
Twenty One Pilots has a very unique sound that fits any mood. They don’t fit into a single genre very well. The sound of each song varies quite a bit even when they are from the same album. One song like “Ode to Sleep” can be entirely rap while another from the same album, like “House of Gold” that is very pop orientated and upbeat. Twenty One Pilots also has
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The two members, Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun, worked very hard to get to the point they are at now and appreciate everyone who helped them get to where they are now. Tyler started writing songs in his basement while still in high school and preformed shows in front of twelve people. He is extremely humble and wants the fans to know how much he appreciates them. And Josh, he was with Tyler that first day in front of those twelve people so he has been through this journey and treasures every fan just the same. Both Tyler and Josh are so humble, loving, and appreciative of every person who they have met on this journey and all the others who just listen to their music.
Twenty One Pilots is the best band because the sound they produce is so unique, the lyrics in every song have a magnificent meaning, and Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun are so kindhearted. They have so many genres you are bound to find a song you’ll like. As well as having a unique sound, they write songs that have inspiring lyrics. And, the members care about every single fan. Where can you find a band with all of

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