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Before one talks about the effects of this great event one must understand how phenomenal the design of the twin towers was. Both of the twin towers had 110 stories and were nearly 10 million square feet of office space. These towers were the tallest buildings in New York. Even for some time it was the tallest buildings in the world. The North Tower rose up 1,368 feet, and the South Tower rose up 1,362 feet in the air. They are incredibly big, and they both weighed more than 250,000 tons. These buildings gave jobs to almost 35,000 people and 430 companies. These towers also attracted so many people each day (“World trade center history”). Due to the great structure the two crashes of the planes were such a shock to everybody. On Tuesday, September…show more content…
A team of people found people who had a physical and mental health for three years after the attack. Those who responded right away were more likely to have more problems. Many Americans who watched many hours of 9/11 on TV or who were in it had many immediate aftermath of 9/11 reported symptoms of Post traumatic stress disorder. This also included stress such as post- traumatic stress, ongoing fears, and worries about future terrorism. Some researchers believe that trauma could have a long term effect on children who would have grown up in this or through all of this or in it (Garfin Dana Rose).
The biggest change that resulted from 9/11 was air travel. Ever since 9/11 airports have been a lot more stricter and more secure on guidelines of passengers and luggage. They have a lot of new machinery and procedures that people must go through in order to get on the plane. The machinery looks for weapons, guns, and anything that can be used as a weapon. that would be in people’s luggage. Passengers now have to take off their shoes, and belts and go through a machine that checks them. They now have banned liquids. They have also changed the airplanes themselves in making them more safe and efficient

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