Essay On Two Nation Theory

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University Of Karachi Image KUDCS-UBIT Image Presented by: Saba Naseem Butt Submitted to: Sir Abdul Jabbar Assignment Topic: Two Nation Theory Image Ideology Image "Ideology means such an aim according to which human being planned about their future." Two Nation Theory The embodiment of two country hypothesis encapsulates in the way that the life tracks world populace is isolated into two country. the primary is involved the individuals who lead. The second country comprises on the individuals who nullifies the request of Allah and lead their life as coordinated by their nafs. The more profound importance of believed are that there are two countries just on the planet. MUSLIMS and NON-MUSLIMS. "The division of those mankind who obey ALLAH and who do not." Two Nation Theory and Holy Quran The history of two nation theory is as old as history of man. According to The Holy Quran, The concept of one nation was produced before Adam. Quran says: "We said. Go down. Every one of you from here: yet verily there cometh unto you from Me a direction, and who so take after My direction, there might no apprehension happen upon them neither should they lament. Bu they who distrust and deny our disclosures, such are legitimate proprietors of the flame. They will be in that." "Obedient son/daughter comprise one group which is separate from disobedient group of father…show more content…
Two Nations theory had been formed in India when Raja Samri of Kadaga Noor accepted Islam, because Hindus and Muslims of India belonged to the same race. They were living geographically in the same areas. They were citizens of the same country. There was no huge difference between their customs. In spite all these common things. religious fervor had provided them such a strong base for nationalism which altogether made the Muslims and everything different from
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