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Stress causes complex changes in the chemical processes of the body, by affecting the individual's mental and physiological processes (Lazarus and Folkman, 1984). People described as having a Type A personality are normally described as extremely competitive and overly self-critical. Type A personalities tend to have problems with being easily hurt and typically overreact when confronted, thus Type A personalities have a hard time dealing with people, situations, and everyday tasks. Typically Type A personalities have higher expectations for themselves when attaining a goal, and once that goal is achieved they tend to have feelings of not being good enough or not doing good enough. Type A personalities usually have a difficult
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Meditation can give people a feeling of peacefulness and has a calming affect that can help a person emotionally and mentally. Meditation has been known to not only help a person during the exercise but also throughout their day and into their sleep. Some emotional benefits of meditation include reducing negative emotions, increasing self-awareness, and gaining new perspectives on stressful situations. As with many other techniques, meditation can be taught in group classes several times a week, in one on one classes, and also can be used on their own once they are comfortable enough to do so.
Deep Breathing Exercises Deep breathing exercises can also be referred to as a type of meditation but instead of focusing on negative or stressful events that may clog up your thoughts, the person focuses on taking full, deep breathes as well as regular breathes in order to feel relaxed. This is a very easy technique to learn and also very simple to do in any workspace or situation. Once this technique is taught to employees, they will be able to do it on their own very easily and it can help them greatly reduce feelings of stress and tension in the workplace.
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