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What are the different types of civil engineering?
There are many different type of filed in civil engineering that you can chose from. The filed are Coastal, Earthquake, Environmental, Structural, Transport, Urban, Water resources and etc.
Coastal engineering: Costal engineering is the study of continues at the beach and construction within the costal environment/zone. Coastal engineering is about protecting our beaches and coastal areas from flood and erosion.
Earthquake: Earthquake engineering is scientific filed, which is concerned about the society. Earthquake engineering is to protect the society from Earthquakes and any other natural disaster.
Environmental: Environmental engineering is addition of science and engineering rules in order to improve the natural environment such as providing healthy water, air, land for human to live and for other organisms. Their duty is also to clean up population sites. Environmental engineering is about finding a new ways to protect the environment.
Structural: structural engineering is mostly concerned about the design
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This subject interests me because it requires verity physical and hard work. I see my self more physical person than sitting to a dick, I chose this course because I’m interested creating and building new structure and design. Structural engineering is mostly concerned about the design and building structure which include planning, design, construction, inspection, monitoring, maintenance, reintegration and demolition of permanent and temporary structures, as well as structural systems and their components. Structural engineering is also concerned about the technical, economic, environmental, visual and social aspects of structures. Structural engineering is a creative passion that enables you to create major contribution infrastructure, as well as recreational development. Gaining all this skills from access level 3 can help to succeed and move on with

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