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Advertising: The Use of Typography and Color
Yosele Leon

Senior Project
Mrs. Bastian/Mrs. Myers
04 December 2014

Advertising: The Use of Typography and Color
Have you ever considered why people buy the things that they buy? There is always an immense amount of options but what makes a product more desirable than others? Two of the biggest factors that can influence an audience’s decision making are the typography and color used in an advertisement. Typography plays a huge role in how audiences take in information and make decisions. In the article, “How Typefaces Influence Perception and Persuasion” Cyrus Highsmith, a typeface designer, stated that “Typography is the detail and the presentation of a story. It represents the voice of an atmosphere, or historical setting of some kind. It can do a lot of things” (“How Typefaces” 1). Highsmith is describing how typography sets a theme to the message being conveyed (1). In the article “The Impact of Color in Advertising, Marketing, and Design” the author, Paula Kaminsa, stated that color “can simulate our imagination to express taste, smell, and emotions” (1). Colors can trigger memories and feelings just by the way they are arranged and displayed. Advertisers are aware
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The audience’s age and interests are factors that need to be considered. For instance, if the advertisement is centered towards young children, the font should be easy to read. The words should be fun and a little bit larger to capture their attention. Since children have low attention spans, the words should be shorter. However, if your target audience is an adult one, the type should be clean and modern to show a sense of maturity (Strizver 1). Not only does typography change the effectiveness of an advertisement, but color does as

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