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The sun is harmful to humans due to its uv lights. UV lights are not visible to the human eye but can affect our lives greatly. A big problem in Australia occurred where the gases in protecting from UV lights were so low in that zone that a particular growth in skin cancer appeared. A recent study in america showed that most skin cancers were caused by UV radiation. The UV rays are at its strongest between the times of 10 am and 4pm. This is important as in the summer many people go to the beach unaware of this problem. This UltraViolet light can affect our skin and burn it causing damage toward your DNA in your skin cells as well as cause skin cancer. Skin cancer is generally found in sun-exposed parts of the body. A type of skin cancer is melanoma. Melanoma is more serious but luckily occurs way less. Another problem would be artificial UV light created by humans. This artificial light is way less powerful but has resorted to be the cause of some skin cancers. The O-zone, this is a sheet of gases above the earth made to protect the earth's surface from burning. The ozone is meant to absorb UV light and make it cooler…show more content…
The science solution is a great solution for the moment as it has worked in many cases. The main people affected by the UV lights significantly that get cancer usually are not aware of this issue or do very few to protect themselves. The benefits are that this solution is handy as it is for sale in many areas of the world. It also lowers your chances to get cancer. This is handy as it suits many people as two options are available on the market. These sunscreens/sunblocks are available in different formats as I said suitable and adjustable to most people. This solution is handy as it does not take too much effort to put into use. Another reason why this is a good solution is it has already been developed and no money needs to be

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