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Sunlight, gravity and everyday stress all contribute to the early aging of facial skin. Many women are either not interested in or not ready for a surgical facelift and look to alternatives that are less invasive such as Ultherapy. It is a safe, non-invasive procedure that is cleared by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to lift the skin under the chin, on the neck and the eyebrows as well as the lines and wrinkles on the décolletage. Ulthearapy transforms the skin through the power of ultrasound, which has been used for medical treatments for more than 50 years. Trained practitioners are able to see the deep foundational layer of skin tissue through the ultrasound and deliver the energy to the places where it will have the best effect.…show more content…
There are no foreign substances used, and the noticeable change in your face is natural not radical. The treatment results in tighter, better-fitting skin without surgery. You can have a treatment in our office and go back to your normal activities. There is no downtime. The procedure usually takes from 60 – 90 minutes, but this depends on the size of the area being treated as well as the treatment plan decided by our practitioner. The results for many patients last for up to a year, but the skin will continue to be affected by gravity, aging and sunlight, so touch-up treatments are recommended. When these are needed will vary according to the individual’s skin type and lifestyle. The people who see the best results from Ultherapy are the ones who have skin with some laxity. It will feel less firm and sag slightly especially under the neck and eyebrows. Usually people in their thirties or older are good candidates for Ulthearapy. However, some younger people like to use it to prolong the necessity of cosmetic surgery. Ultherapy is a safe, FDA-cleared procedure that will effectively remove wrinkles, lines and loose skin on your neck, under your chin and eyebrows and on your décolletage. You’ll have a fresh, younger appearance for many months, and can get touchups when

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