Ultra Violet Rays Research Paper

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The influence of ultra violet rays in life

The source of natural UV radiation is the sun, but due to the absorption of oxygen atoms to form the ozone layer, the lower-intensity terrestrial solar radiation that includes the UV with a wavelength of 290 -400 nm, while the shorter wavelength is absorbed by the atmosphere. As a major absorber of UV radiation, this gas layer serves as the protector of the earth from exposure as UV radiation shorter than 340 nm. The reduced ozone layer as a result of the release of human-made chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) into the atmosphere will reduce the level of ozone protection against UV light and cause the level of damage due to UV radiation exposure is greater. UV rays are electromagnetic that lies supine in the 100 nm-400nm wavelength range divided into ultraviolet A or UV-A (λ320-400 nm), UV-B (λ280-320 nm) and UV-C (λ100- 280 nm).
UV rays have a bad impact
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Static electricity currents will only produce an electric field. If electric current is moving will produce an electric field. The electric field can also be shaped due to changes in the magnetic field. The moving magnetic field can induce an alternating current and this electric current can also produce a magnetic field. The interaction between the electric field and the magnetic field will produce an electromagnetic field. So the electromagnetic field is generated from magnetic fields and electric fields.
Electromagnetic waves are waves formed from the use of magnetic fields and electric fields. Both of these fields vibrate in a perpendicular direction. The magnetic field and electric field of electromagnetic wave formers are transverse waves, whose rambatnya direction perpendicular to the direction of vibration. In propagation electromagnetic waves propagate with a speed whose value is determined by two magnitudes of electrical permittivity and magnetic

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