Essay On Ultranationalism

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Nationalism is the pride for one’s country, the love that one has for its country and it is the want for the good of all people in the nation. This love is not conditional, it does not depend on race religion or economic standing. When a leader is chosen, when a country is coming out of great national change, this requires a particularly strong leader who only wishes for their countries greatness and success in the future. However, this can quickly turn into ultranationalism, or expose ultranationalistic motives. The two concepts of one’s love for their country have similarities, one is formed from the other, or that each can be provokers of change in either direction in the political spectrum. Coming with the Similarities there are very definite differences between…show more content…
I believe this is called racism, one very prominence distinguisher of ultra-nationalism. Later during the 5-day war between Russia, Georgia and South Ossetia, Georgia also exhibited ultranationalistic behaviors. During this war to try to win back the breakaway provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Georgia ruthlessly bombed South Ossetia using illegal weapons. This was a display of ultranationalism. This sort of ethnic cleansing and weakening can be seen through all walks of ultranationalistic history, and example being Stalin and the weakening of the Ukrainian anti-authoritarian fervour, through famine. The famine might not have been illegal bombs dropped on a nation’s capital, but it still had the same effect. From the other side, it can be argued that Georgia was only trying to get back a breakaway province, that is for the good of the country, that this simply was an act of nationalism. To counter this way of thinking we must be able to see where nationalism end and where ultranationalism starts. Nationalism is the supporting of a country’s culture, one or many and the embracing of all in the
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