Congenital Heart Defects

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Abstract- Ultrasound is one of the most popular medical imaging technologies that can help a physician evaluate, diagnose and treat medical conditions. Although ultrasound imaging is generally considered good medical tool but the overall detection rate of Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) using ultrasound image remain anomic. Congenital Heart Defects are the heart problem that occurs before birth. Recognizing Congenital Heart Defects at right time is a difficult task for Physicians due to lack of subject specialists or inexperience with the previous cases or even as the children they can’t express their problem in a proper way. In order to improve the diagnosis accuracy and to reduce the diagnosis time, it has become a demanding issue…show more content…
It is used to probe or interact with a given image, with the purpose of drawing conclusions on how this shape fits or misses the shapes in the image. The structuring element is a small binary image, i.e. a small matrix of pixels, each with a value of zero or one. The matrix dimensions specify the size of the structuring element. The pattern of ones and zeros specifies the shape of the structuring element. An origin of the structuring element is usually one of its pixels, although generally the origin can be outside the structuring element. Structuring element used in the morphological operation plays a vital role with its different shapes and sizes. The resultant value is applied to the centre pixel and it can be anywhere in the structuring element according to the applications. There are many kinds of structuring element: Disk-shaped, Diamond-shaped, Ball-shaped, Square-shaped, Flat linear with length LEN, arbitrary with the specified neighborhood. Applying which structuring element is depending upon the image and requirements. Here we use periodicline structuring element. SE = SE = strel('periodicline', P,…show more content…
Specificity =TN/ (TN + FP) Accuracy is a statistical measure of how well a classifier correctly identifies or excludes a condition. The accuracy is the proportion of true results (both true positive and true negative) in the population. Accuracy= (TP+TN)/(TP+TN+FP+FN) CONCLUSION Congenital heart defects are classes of birth defects that affect the structure and function of the heart. These defects are attributed to the abnormal or incomplete development of a fetal heart during the first few weeks following conception. The norm in the industry still relies on manual manipulation of echocardiographic images to make inferences about the presence of CHD. While operator error could contribute to missed detection, it is also true that a computer aided system could also miss some subtleties that could be important in a potential diagnosis. The overall contribution of this project is the development of a system that can detect the presence of CHD using fetal echocardiographic images. One feature of ultrasound image is the presents of speckle noise. Removal of speckle noise is the first step. Then location estimation is done., a preprocessing step used to isolate the fetal heart in any given fetal echocardiographic image. The method separates the fetal heart from other structures that may be present in an image. Then segmentation is done to identify the individual chambers

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