Essay On Unauthorized Immigration

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My Thoughts on the Issue of Unauthorized Immigration and Border Control in the United States Immigration is the movement of people into a country in which they are not natives or citizens with the intention to settle in the country, especially as permanent residents or future citizens. Therefore, unauthorized immigrants are people who are referred to as undocumented immigrants, people who have no prior invitation or official documentation before entering the country. This above stated definitions of this salient words involved in this write up, will serve as personal balance on this issue. If government is a system by which a state or community is controlled, then my ideology on this issue is being influenced by the course of study which is government. As we all know that America is called the land of the free and home of the brave. The founders of the great nation are once immigrants, therefore it is wrong to totally condemn this act as a criminal …show more content…

It is good to love one’s neighbor, but it is unrealistic to love your neighbor more than yourself. America should stop giving people fishes, they are the leading power broker among world power, the government of this country should teach other nations how to fish for themselves, so that they also can develop and become another America that will help and sustain others. Giving undocumented immigrants access into America, will indirectly promote brain drain and recession in other part of the world. The story of the Greeks and the Trojan horse should also serve as a benchmark for the American government on this sensitive issue, enemy within, is three times dangerous than enemy without. Let those ones that are already in America be giving the opportunity to become documented immigrants, this action will eradicate unconstitutional act of indirect slavery and the use undue advantage by wicked and shylock employers of labor in the

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