Essay On Underground Railroad Turning Points

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Turning points in history can be good or bad, or even a little of both. A turning point is a specific, significant moment when something begins to change. The Civil Rights movement definitely had its share of good and bad turning points. Specifically, the Underground Railroad had its share of both good and bad turning points. The Underground Railroad left its legacy on American history, changed the way Americans think about African Americans, and helped to move America forward in its pursuit of freedom for all.

Before I can explain the impact the Underground Railroad had on history, I must first explain what it was. The Underground Railroad was neither underground or a railroad. It used an elaborate series of houses, tunnels, and roads set up by abolitionists and former slaves. The system earned
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It taught us the value of trust, cooperation, coordination and brotherly love (Underground Railroad, History). In order for this system to be a success, everyone involved had to be 100% trustworthy. It was based so much on trust. Trust that the conductors would guide the slaves to their next stop. Trust that all involved would hide and protect the slaves from the Southern militia (Brown). Cooperation and coordination were also critical for the Underground Railroad. Everyone involved had to do what they were told, whether they had an explanation or not. Everything had to work like clockwork, even if something might not be going quite as planned. They all had to be flexible, in order to adapt to problems that were certain to come up. All involved with the Underground Railroad also had to have a special heart to be willing to aid slaves in escaping to freedom. They risked their own lives in order to help someone else, and that takes a special kind of brotherly love (Underground Railroad, History). They have shown us that anyone can do anything, if you are passionate about
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