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Underprivileged and underachieving students are a large challenge in schools. Teachers have a challenge in dealing with students who are not interested in learning. This is because their work is to know how students should achieve good grades to their potential. The real problem arises from teachers starts developing negative attitudes towards these students. Underprivileged students have no access to resources like reading materials, lack of uniforms, lack of enough food and this may lead to uncompleted homework or assignments. The problem facing educators is helping students to achieve optimal learning that is the conceptual understanding and ability to apply the knowledge to learning. Teachers are not using teaching techniques that match different kids’ modes of learning. With negative attitudes from the teachers, this leads to poor quality teaching. There are many solutions to curbing the negative attitude towards students like incorporating technology in curriculum to increase students’ motivation to learn and improve their grades and talents.
The significant influence in classroom performance is teacher’s attitudes (Forlin, Loreman, Sharma & Earle, 2007). For example, previous research has shown that negative attitudes can lead to low expectations of a student and
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Negative attitudes place limitation on students with low understanding capability. A student feels underappreciated and hated by the teacher and this may make him hate school or the subject. Different students have different ways of understanding different subjects; some students have very low memory in remembering and require a teacher to keep on repeating for them to understand. If a teacher harasses such a student he or she may feel depressed and lose interest in the subject causing poor

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