Strange Death Of Silas Deane: Historical Analysis

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Historical thinking is the nature of human thoughts that normally doesn’t come naturally to us. We as everyday people, rather than historians, must grasp the knowledge of how to come to a greater understanding of what history is and how it genuinely affects our everyday lives. My understanding of history, is that it’s the knowledge and the circumstances of the past, present, and future that either has changed the historian’s perspectives of the world, or how those key experiences will guide the hands and minds of historians to establish a successful path for the future by avoiding the same miscalculations that people made in the past. There is some controversy among historians, who accredit that the only way to understand history is to “reduce it to its lowest terms” or with the “active participation of the historian.” While I believe these two concepts help us to understand history, however, I don’t believe that they are the only possibility for understanding the past. In other words,…show more content…
They each believe that we can’t fully grasp history until we get involved in the details of the stories and research. Our understanding comes from these small details that most historians overlook and decide are ultimately unimportant to the overall concept of what is being researched. Furthermore, they believe that people must then decide what is the most important concepts to relay to the audience and other historians through their research and published documents. From my perspective, I conclude that it is necessary to be active in the readings of history so that we can interpret or recognize the moral and the complications that occurred. Similarly, we must find our own perspective of the situations that materialized before the eyes of historians’ and the indigenous people; based on our perspectives, we can then begin to discern what occurred in the

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