Essay On Underwater Hockey

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4.1 The Origin of Underwater Hockey
At first this sport was created in 1954 and used to develop fitness and underwater skills for scuba diving, but as the years past underwater hockey became a. “Underwater Hockey was created by Alan Blake in Southsea, (Portsmouth, UK) and named ‘Octopush’ ”(History of Underwater Hockey,2015). This sport made its’ way overseas to the United States of America in the 1960’s and is played in more than 20 countries worldwide to date. The sport got its’ name to date in 1991 when the name changed from Octopush to Underwater Hockey.
4.1.1 The Game:
The game consists of two fifteen minute halves and a three minute half time. Each team is allowed a one minute time out per half. The game consists of two teams. Each team consists of twelve players, with only ten players that can play at a time. Of these ten players only six players may be in the pool and the other four players are on the side lines of the pool and they act as replacements. The players play in a formation of: three attackers or forwards; three defensive players or backs, of which they form a formation of three, two, one, of which there are three forwards, two mid players
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Haemoptysis is a medical term for coughing up blood as a result of thin blood vessels in the lungs responsible for gas exchange. “At a certain point, the pulmonary trans capillary pressures overwhelm the thin blood-gas barrier, the cells are disrupted, and the integrity of the barrier is temporarily compromised” (Aversa, Stephan, Lapinsky 2013:16). With this condition a person can experience chest pain or shortness of breath as a result of the small thin blood arteries bursting during a game of underwater hockey. This condition is as a result of players that have to hold their breath under water while doing high intensity exercise. This condition is fortunately not brought on by participating in this sport once, but over the long
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