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A vast majority of the undocumented who come to the United States want to further their education. While the desire to learn and become educated is there, the help from the government, schools and other students is not there. Undocumented students do not receive the same financial aid, or the support that students who are documented receive. These students in some cases cannot even do anything with their degree once they graduate. How in the world can one expect these students to feel the desire to further their education. Illegal immigrants, or undocumented students, don't continue their education due to the unwelcome feeling they receive the moment they come into this country.
Many people can finish there years in college, obtain their degree,
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These students know that their may be dirty looks, or harsh words. That is still to this day something that happens. According to Sonali Kholi of The Atlantic, ""On top of the issue of paying for college—often without in-state tuition or financial aid—and the stress of illegal status, undocumented undergraduates in the U.S. also find themselves wondering whether a college campus is "..undocufriendly. In other words, is it welcoming to students who are not in the country legally?" (Kholi). How can an undocumented student succeed without their university backing them? If their university isn't there to welcome them then it will always be difficult to succeed. Not only the university, but their classmates. Classmates need to make these students feel welcome. Not only are they just as smart as them but they might even be of higher intelligence. At the end of the day, every student is there for the same thing and that is to learn, Undocumented students have everthing against thme, the least the university could do is show that the campus is in fact 'undocufriendly'. Just support is enough to suceed, and if the learning is happening in a safe welcoming environment then there will be great things coming from these

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