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English language has become as the most spoken across the globe and written by many people around the world. It is also referred to as a world language, the lingua franca of the modern era because it is so widely spoken or used to interact with each other from different countries. It means that English is used as an intermediary language to communicate. So, it is considered as one of the most important language of the world.
Although English is not the official language in most of the countries, but it has been taught as the foreign language due to its importance. Besides, English has become as an essential tool for business because it makes buying and selling activities easier. This is because if both buyers and seller use a language
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It has found that unemployment rates in Malaysia is high due to lack in communication, values and politeness, leadership, critical thinking and so on. Lack fluency in English also is a factor for high unemployment rates in Malaysia.
The Star dated 27th July 2013 reported that the two factors that make local graduates still unemployed after six months of graduating are lack of language proficiency, particularly in English, and insufficient knowledge and competency in the applied jobs.
On a survey, ten companies who had been recruiting graduates responded to a survey on the importance of English language to the organization. 80% of them agreed on the importance of English language in the recruitment of staff. They strongly believed that being proficient in the English language would make the employee work effectively in their organization. People with good English proficiency are vital manpower in the nation’s quest to create a K-economy where the knowledge of the populace would be a pulling factor in attracting foreign direct

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