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The main aim of this paper is to analyze the unemployment rate of Russia and to reveal the impact of Russian economic state on the unemployment rate and find an effective decision on how to decrease, if possible, the unemployment.
Unemployment rate is one of the main distinctions that describes the economy of a country or a region. In general, it is appropriate to say that true that the higher the unemployment rate, the poorer the economy situation is.
Russia is a one of the biggest countries in the world, consisting of 83 federal subjects - regions and each region has its own people, history, government, economy and resources. As they are so different, so is the rate of unemployment.
The employment rate of the population of Russia is quite
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Frictional Unemployment:
Frictional unemployment arises owing to dynamism of labor market.
Some workers voluntarily decided to change work place, having found, for example, more interesting or highly paid job. Others will try to find a job because they got fired from the previous place of work. The third for the first time enter on labor market or return to it, moving from category of economically inactive population to opposite category of unemployment.
2. Structural Unemployment
Structural unemployment — is connected with technological changes in production which change the stucture of labor demand (arises if the worker gets fired from one branch and can't settle in another).
This type of unemployment arises if the branch or territorial structure of demand for work changes. Eventually in structure of a consumer demand and in the production technology there are important changes which, in turn, change structure of the general labor demand. If demand for workers of this profession or in this region falls, there is an unemployment. The released workers can't quickly change the profession and qualification or to change a residence and remain for some time

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