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Some countries are swimming in money while others are barely able to survive. Jared Diamond is a professor at UCLA who has studied the problem of inequality for a very long time. It all started when he took a trip to the poor country Papua New Guinea where he witnessed the gap of economic wealth. From there he was determined to find out why the modern world is so unequal. He found it come down to three main reasons; the location and shape of continents to spread new ideas of living, domesticated animals, and the deadly diseases. The first main reason for our unequal world is the location and shape of the continents, which is explained by Diamond in two categories. One being the abundance of resources of some areas while other areas have less.…show more content…
These diseases would sometimes determine if a civilization survives or not. In fact, Diamond tells us, “They had never experienced smallpox, measles or flu before, and the viruses tore through the continent, killing an estimated 90% of Native Americans” (“Smallpox”). With the Europeans having the advantage of immunity of those diseases, they were able to conquer the Americans much easier. Without this immunity, the Europeans were easily outnumbered and could’ve been defeated. The author states that in the tropics, “ Malaria kills one African child every thirty seconds and accounts for over a million deaths a year around the world” (“Malaria”). The author is explaining that even today our world is still being affected by diseases. This also shows that the world is becoming even more unequal, while we are able to treat diseases with top notch medicine, and Africa doesn't have quite the technology and money we do. In the end, the deadly diseases that had developed has created an unequal world due to Europe’s immunity while others had struggled in the past, and even still today. This world that we live in has ended up so unequal due to those three main ideas; the location and shape of continents to spread new ideas, having domesticated animals, and deadly diseases. As time has gone by, these three factors continue to separate civilization’s equality. When you begin ahead of another civilization

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