Unhealthy Heart Disease Research Paper

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Signs, symptoms of unhealthy heart –
Symptoms of unhealthy heart

The heart works in our body all the time. At the beginning of its failure, it reveals some symptoms, which people ignore. Your heart needs investigation as soon as these symptoms appear.

Due to heart disease, do you have a problem of heart disease? Is it you genetically? If yes, then you need to be cautious with some good habits. Symptoms of heart disease, you can avoid the problem of heart disease by up to 90% following simple tips. By making good use of vegetables, cereals and fruits and avoiding alcohol consumption, the heart can make the heart healthy.

What to do to get a healthy heart? Food habits and workouts
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The person's lifestyle is directly related to triglyceride levels. Triglyceride is more responsive than fat in the blood. If the saturated fat is reduced by 30 to 40%, the level of triglyceride will decrease.

Heart de stressing

Today, people are more stressed due to professional variations. Some people are punished by their superiors by not ending the work on time and are victim of disappointment. To be stress free, do yoga, meditation is another medium of stress less ness.

Hypertension Symptoms and Prevention Remedies
Prevention of Heart Disease - Quit Smoking

More smoking can cause heart disease. Tobacco is more harmful to the heart. Keep the heart healthy, self-controlled or contact the doctor or the de-addiction center.

Heart Disease Treatment - Exercise

Heart disease can also be avoided with controlled weight and physical well-being. If weight is high then you should exercise on regular exercise and aerovics and remove excess fat stored in the body.

Heart Disease Treatment - Healthy Food

Oily diet is very harmful for high cholesterol and heart patients. You should consume vegetarianism with adequate salt.

Plant sterol and go for

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