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In recent years we have seen an alarming increase of obesity and stress related diseases which can be directly attributed to our lifestyles. We as a group are concerned with what are the factors contributing to this decline in the health of our people and what solutions can be implemented towards the reduction of this problem. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines “health” as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not simply just the absence of disease. There are several factors which contribute to the degeneration of the health amongst the population of Trinidad and Tobago today including the emotional and spiritual well being of an individual. Some of the more burning issues that we’ve identified are: the lack of exercise, less time to prepare healthy meals for oneself and family, obesity, increased stress levels and less time for rest and relaxation. Unhealthy lifestyle is a dissipated personal modus aperandai which may be characteristed by one or more of the following substance abuse, ego, alcohol, drug use etc. (Mc Graw Hill-2002). To fully understand what contributes towards an unhealthy lifestyle we first need to know what it is. Unhealthy eating and little exercise has become the norm in our society.…show more content…
Citizens have developed unhealthy lifestyles due to lack of exercise, less time to prepare healthy meals and the increasing stress of their busy lifestyles. Trinidad and Tobago’s growing population should become more self aware as government programs and awareness campaigns target schools and young adults towards improving the future. We suggest that people develop healthy habits so they can live longer. Get involved in a buddy system or support group in their work or home environments to exercise or exchange cooking or meal planning tips. Go back to basics; eat less junk food, read labels and portion meals

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