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4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself before Calling It Quits
For some, ending a relationship is the right thing to do. If it’s toxic and abusive, it’s even the liberating and safe thing to do. But for others, it can be a bit confusing and complicated than that. Generally though, it’s hard to end a relationship, especially a long one.
Even bad relationships can be hard to end despite having all the right reasons and justifications. It just is. There are always conflicting emotions and thoughts, making it challenging to see the big and the clear picture. There’s also the fact that you’re officially letting go of that one person you used to have strong feelings for. That can be hard to accept and make peace with.
If you’re asking yourself whether
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Because if it is, know that it is not fair and that it’s also time for you to open your eyes and do away with unrealistic expectations you have about how relationships should be.
2. Am in an unhealthy relationship?
Wondering whether to end a relationship or not only means that you’re unsatisfied and unhappy with where it’s going. This unhappiness also heightens over time. In this is your situation, it is essential to ruminate on the health of your relationship. You need to identify if the relationship you’re in is causing you troubles than good times.
To do this, you need space and time. It’s not a good idea to make decisions during an emotional turmoil as that would stop you from seeing things more clearly, leading to irrational decisions. By having the space and your own time, you get to realize essential things about yourself and the relationship you’re in. You can come to the realization that maybe you just haven’t picked up on the indications that you’re being emotionally abused, that you’re being lied to, and manipulated. If it hits that you’re indeed in an unhealthy relationship, then, by all means, end
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When you’re overly stressed, you have the tendency to be less sympathetic and tolerant of others. It can also lead you to make poor decisions.
When you suffer from stress and anxiety, you start to be careless of your words and actions, stepping on established rules and boundaries that you used to follow before you became a stress magnet. It’s also easy for you to lose sight of everything around you because of your reduced cognitive capacity due to stress.
So, when thinking about breaking up with your partner, think about it really hard. Is that what you really want or are you just too stressed that you don’t how to deal with conflicts in your relationship anymore?
You may think that you’re upset and mad at your partner all the time but it’s not really them that’s causing you agony, it’s the stress you get from work or other factors in your life that have nothing to do with your significant other.
4. Do I have doubts?
If you’re 100% sure of your decision you wouldn’t have any doubts. When ending a bad relationship, you would feel liberated and you would know in your heart and mind that it’s done. You would focus on moving on and doing other things that you couldn’t before when you were still in the
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