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Cuneiform script -

Cuneiform writing is thought to have been the first script in human history. It originated in the area of Mesopotamia and was used by many civilizations. The word cuneiform is derived from the Latin word cuneus, meaning wedge. The definition of cuneiform is, “denoting or relating to the wedge-shaped characters used in the ancient writing systems of Mesopotamia, Persia, and Ugarit, surviving mainly impressed on clay tablets.” Cuneiform writing, is a script that utilizes wedge shaped letters or characters that are carved onto clay tablets. The tablets themselves cannot be referred to as cuneiforms, but are called cuneiform tablets. This essay will explore…

Purpose of language and script
Scripts in different languages
Evolution of cuneiform writing and its relationships with languages
Influence of cuneiform script on global history and language

Purpose of language and script -

The purpose of language is to create a standard method of communication. Language is one way with which communication takes
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The cuneiform script is categorized as a logophonetic system of writing, or a system that mainly utilized logograms, but also uses phonograms. The use of logograms and phonograms in cuneiform script can be observed as the script evolves. Being the first script, cuneiform has had an enormous impact on language and history. Cuneiform is one of the reasons history, writing, education, law and even taxes exist today (among other things).

Since cuneiform is the first script, it is responsible for almost all the other scripts of all time (not hieroglyphs though, they were thought to have been created with no knowledge of cuneiform). The components of writing systems and categories like phonograms, logograms etc. are all present because of

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