Essay On Universal Human Rights

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Universal Human Rights as a concept found its main origins post WW2. Before WW2 the United Nations organisations (U.N.) did not exist and neither did the idea of universal human rights, the ideology that every individual human had basic rights and entitlements such as education, housing, protection, healthcare etc. The superpowers of the world gathered to create the U.N. to settle disputes and prevent wars between states. The U.N. focused on the concept of universal human rights as the rights of minorities tend to be ignored as national rights postcode on citizens. Human rights are gained by people by people through action e.g. Rosa Parks and were only possible for cretin groups in society. In the 19th century only land owners could vote in Ireland and women were forbidden from participating. The concept of universal human rights is only recent and in the beginning caused significant controversy as women and blacks were excluded from the involvement of politics during the war of independence in America. This emphasises the impact politics have on human rights. In the 1960s in the U.S. many black people were denied the right to vote as their right to…show more content…
Coincide with this need is the right to marriage, education, employment, food and shelter. These rights need to be reasonable to prevent the wage of wars among states. The U.N. Declaration of Human Rights (U.N.H.R.) states in articles 3 to 21and articles 22 to 27 are highlight and stated the rights above. This declaration was not a legally binding document and took the U.N. 18 years to developed legal instruments and realise the general rights. This delay in technicalities increased tensions worldwide especially considering the negative and positive rights and
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