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A universal intervention is a method or methods used regularly within a classroom, which will offer help to most students within a classroom. While a selected intervention is an accommodation or modification made to assist a specific child or group of children when needed. If all children received these modifications or accommodations it would possibly be harmful to their education. An accommodation is a change in how you give the student the information and or assessment, requiring the same outcome that is expected from all students. Things such as taking a quiz in a quiet area or having extra time. A modification is a change in the work itself, maybe less problems on a quiz or information that is less complicated. Modifications may be put into…show more content…
Reading is such an important life skill. Every child should have every possibility to be as successful a reader as possible. Processing or memorizing Information: Difficulty waiting or Impulsiveness is something I would want to address within my classroom. This can be done as a class as well as for individuals. All children have to wait at some point and for those who struggle with that learning techniques can help. Also, Difficulty Completing tasks, this has to be dealt with because for children who struggle with this achievement is difficult to attain. Learning skills to help will allow the student to be successful and feel that sense of accomplishment. Expressing Information: Difficulty with test taking is very important to address because all children are required to take tests. Teaching these techniques will allow students to accurately show what they know. Difficulty with following directions is another important skill to focus on. Directions are everywhere and when a child has trouble following them it can make life difficult and in some cases make them stand out as a behavior problem if they are with someone who does not understand their

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