Essay On Mandatory Community Service

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The Benefits of Required Community Service
Community service is talked about amongst everyone. Community service is unpaid community service work that benefits others in a community. All high schools should be required to have a minimum requirement of community service as a graduation requirement because it will help the student’s mental health, allow them to play a role in their community and establish lifelong habits.
Community service boosts mental health because contributing to one’s community can show student that anyone can make a difference. All community service helps no matter how little .Many may say that they do not find helping a homeless shelter their ideal saturday activity but once the students realize the impact they have on the less fortunate most will have a feeling of self accomplishment. The Dalton School says “Inherent in the notion of Community Service are the feeling of optimism and empowerment: we are optimistic that the world can change, we as individuals can make a
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As said previously said community service can boost a students mental health because while they are volunteering they can see that they are helping the community and having a positive impact on others. Many may ask what if a student is not ready, this will then give the student a warning that they may not be ready to graduate if they can not act and behave as a normal community service member. There are different ways of participating in community service varying from being a camp counselor to feeding soup to the homeless so students can find the option that suits them the
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