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3.5 Research Instruments
There are a variety of methods apply for the researcher to collect data. The chosen research methodology dictates the appropriate data collection method. In this qualitative research, data mostly were gathered through interviews. Two distinct kinds of interview were used in two stages for the research to collect information, one is unstructured interview, and another is semi-structured interviews.
3.5.1 Unstructured interview
In the starting phase of the project, unstructured interviews were conducted in order to help the researcher to better understand the project problem and what happened with this problem. Unstructured interview is same as conversation, which can be conducted through informal discussion with open-ended questions. Conversations were made in the first three weeks of the entire period.
Unstructured interview questions
1. What is the background of the problem?
2. How and when did the problem occur?
3. What are the symptoms of the problem?
4. What has already been tried?
5. Who involved in this problem?
Table 2: First Round Interview Questions
3.5.2 Semi-structured interview
In order to investigate each logistic partner issues and find related causes and effects, semi-structured interviews were carried out in the exploratory phase of the study. Semi-structured interview covers a wide range of
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Data display can help the researcher to highlight findings and draw conclusions (Hall, 2014). Data display makes data compact and immediately accessible; therefore, a large amount of data can be viewed at once, and well understood to easily draw a conclusion. Flow charts and data matrix are the most common strategies for data display. In this study, the data are displayed by investigation consequence as flow charts and data
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