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In this paper ,we shall answer the question whether the United Kingdom have a constitution. We shall , consider the term constitution. And establish the bases of constitution practice implementation within the State structure .and also examine the UK’s constitution through the historical development of the state’s statute, common law, constitutional conventions, royal prerogative and the influence of the supra-national power of the European Union. The Magna Carta 1215 settlement established that the power of the crown was not limitless, which for the first time gave state protection to individuals from the freedom of the church and granted the UK trial by jury .
From a comparative perspective, we have what is known as an ‘unwritten constitution’, although some prefer to describe it as ‘uncodified’ on the basis that many of our laws of a constitutional nature are in fact written down in Acts of Parliament or law
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Therefore the United Kingdom still lacks a codified constitution. Although The UK has many reasons why they do not have a codified constitution and this is because there is a great deal of power vested in the decision-makers. As well as the new constitution, decisions are necessary to separate power more extensively. The rights of the people are under threat and also need better protection. But then again there is a broad logic sense in which we know that there are principles by which political organization work. A codified constitution is one in which key provisions are collected together in a single legal document, this document would be regarded as the highest law of the land. Uncodified constitutions have a legislature with supreme authority having the right to make whatever laws it chooses. Finally, the United Kingdom has a constitution, as there are laws, institutions, and customs which combine to create a system of
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