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15 Best Tips for Upper Lip Hair Removal:

Hair on upper lip is clearly visible among other facial hair and it can really look very odd and bother a lot of young girls and women. Due to genetically or hormonal reasons, upper lip hair is very prominent or is light. Also, the hair growth differs from one woman to another based on the above factors.

The tiny growth of hair can actually be very distracting and steal away the charm from the face. Removing hair around mouth can actually make the face look fresh and young. There are many ways through which one can get rid of these unwanted hair.

Different people have different choices and they act accordingly. A few women might go for permanent removal of hair while others may prefer the temporary
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Bleaching discolors or lightens the dark hair and hides it with the skin color. It does not remove the hair completely albeit weakens it.

If you opt for bleaching method then you have can hide the hair using natural or chemical bleach that can be easily made at home or can be purchased from the market. There are various bleaching products available in the market.

Women who have sensitive skin should be careful and cautious before using bleach as a method for hiding upper lip hair. Patch test is suggested for sensitive types. Apply bleach on a small patch of your skin and see whether the bleach is suitable to your skin type or not.

Bleaching is a fine way but it is not the best method to treat hair on upper lips. Repeated bleaching would make the upper lips more light than the rest of the face and hence either bleach the whole face or restrict the frequent use of bleaching.

Tip 2:

The most widely practiced method of hair removal is waxing. Wax is applied on the hair and is then plucked out using waxing strips. It can be done at home or in salon. Waxing is one of the best methods of hair removal because the hair is pulled out from the roots and it takes many days for the hair to

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