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Space Saving Furniture for Small Urban Apartments
A small living space is not an equivalent to a cramped living space, though it has every risk of being so. Every apartment owner in the major cities finds himself or herself eternally at odds with an ever shrinking space for leading a healthy life. However, the task of creating such a space is not daunting at all. A basic understanding of what promotes a sense of space with a smart selection of furniture go a long way to ensure your apartment remains in line with your idea of a cozy and comfortable home.
An average apartment size in Singapore, according to an independent study, tends to be of 95 sq m (a little over 1000 sq ft). This is at par or slightly better than many other urban idylls
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Besides, a good portion of the day is spent at the living room socializing, watching TV or even working. So making it as graceful and habitable as possible is of paramount importance. As you become more tactful with your choices of furniture, creating a cheerful living room that has sufficient space to stretch your legs seem to be easy.
Choose a center table that occupies minimum of space with maximum effect. Use it to neatly store your books, magazines and a select few décor items. Continue employing the idea of minimizing noise by having monochromatic elements like chairs, stools and sofa. Do not use elaborate cushions, it can choke up the available space of your small living room.
Reclaim a corner to set up your home office. Yes, we are now used to a mode of living that makes working from home a regular affair. Put up your lap top on a small table set against the wall. Having it in the same shade as the sofa and the accent wall is highly recommended. This helps in tidying up the space even further. Do not forget to include a few lively items like a small colorful stool, a statement wall hanging or a rug in a vibrant shade to maintain an inviting space with a genial

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